Global Maternity Financial Policy

Maternity care is billed as a global fee at the end of the pregnancy at the time of childbirth. Sonograms, fetal non-stress tests, blood draws, and complications/problem visits outside of routine prenatal care are billed separately throughout the pregnancy.

Below is a list of maternity related expenses (with CPT codes), billed to your insurance. Your insurance will determine your patient financial responsibility according to your contract benefit. The routine OB care/delivery fee is $10,000.00, however since this fee does not encompass all expenses (as outlined above) the patient may owe additional. Since many variables exist with maternity care, we are unable to provide the exact total cost of care until the end of the pregnancy when all services have been rendered.


Charge Amount:
Routine OB care/Vaginal delivery
Routine OB care/Cesarean
External Cephalic Version
Cord Blood Collection
14 Weeks Transabdominal
 Limited OB Sonogram
Fetal Biophysical profile
Fetal BPP w/o NST
Fetal Non-Stress Test
Sick Office Visit
Venipuncture (blood draw)


A good faith deposit of $2000 is required during the 2nd prenatal visit from patients with out of network insurance providers.

SELF PAY patients are required to complete a prepayment plan as follows:

  • New OB confirmation Appt: $600
  • 2nd Prenatal Visit: $2000
  • Monthly: $1000

There are situations that prevents us from billing the global fee. Examples:

  1. Patient changes insurances mid-pregnancy
  2. Patient transfers to another obstetrician mid-pregnancy
  3. Patient does not carry baby to term

If one of these circumstances occur we will bill out antepartum care based on the number of prenatal visits the patient had prior to the change of circumstance and then bill for the continued pre/postnatal care and delivery at the pro-rated fee.

Antepartum care is billed as:
1-3 prenatal visits are billed individually at $150.00 each
4-6 CPT: 59425 $1,200.00
6 or more CPT: 59426 $1,800.00

Note: IF a patient is billed 59425 or 59426, all succeeding prenatal visits will be billed as 99213 ($150). The delivery will be billed as follows:
59515 Cesarean delivery including postpartum care $ 8,000.00
59410 Vaginal delivery including postpartum care $ 8,000.00

We hope this information provided you with a better understanding of our maternity billing process.

Global Maternity Financial Policy

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Global Maternity Financial Policy