Concerned about Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (nCoV) continues to dominate headlines with news of its spread and potential new cases in the United States. While we are uncertain of how this outbreak will affect New York City, there are a few things we can do to prepare–including how to stay healthy and knowing when to seek medical care. Please see below for some general guidelines.


If you are healthy, remember that prevention is key. Wash your hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes in your arm, and avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes without washing your hands first. Alcohol-based hand rubs are a quick and effective way to sanitize your hands. These simple measures will go a long way in preventing infections in both yourself and those around you.

Cold Symptoms and Virtual Urgent Care

  • For typical cold symptoms without a fever—runny nose, congestion, sore throat, minor aches and pains—we recommend that you stay at home until no longer sick, just as one would not necessarily go to a doctor if one has a cold.
  • For worsening flu-like symptoms with a fever—headache, cough, muscle aches, and joint pains—we recommend that you stay home and utilize NYU’s Virtual Urgent Care. Same-day appointments are available 7 days a week, and you can see a doctor right from your mobile device without having to leave home.

Staying home and using virtual urgent care will prevent long waits at urgent care centers or emergency rooms, which are often busy and crowded during the flu season

When To Seek Medical Care Quickly:

If you have fever, cough, and shortness of breath/difficulty catching your breath, you should seek medical care quickly. If your doctor or medical care provider is available by phone, call them right away. But don’t delay seeking care, including going to the nearest Emergency Department if necessary.

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COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients of Spring OB/GYN,

We are reaching out to all of you in this unprecedented time of the Covid-19 pandemic to update you on the measures we are taking to keep our patients, our staff, their families and our community safe.

First and foremost, we want you to know our office is open and available for your important medical needs. Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are aware that our patients will continue to need excellent obstetric and gynecologic care. We have taken the following measures to ensure our office is safe for those patients who need to be seen during this time

  • We have decreased the number of providers in the office, to both support social distancing, as well as ensure our doctors are healthy and available to provide medical care when you need it most.
  • As of March 23, we have launched telemedicine for certain visits to allow for social distancing, while still meeting your medical needs
  • Each person who enters the office is being screened for any symptoms, including our staff. Any person with symptoms of Covid-19 may not be in the office and is directed to the appropriate care center
  • Our staff is sanitizing each room between each patient encounter to decrease risk of transmission
  • We are no longer allowing ANY visitors in the office
  • Our staff is wearing masks at all time to prevent any asymptomatic transfer of Covid-19

Specifically, for our obstetric patients, we know that you are concerned about the safety of yourselves, your family and your new baby. This level of uncertainty is particularly challenging at this time in your lives. We want you to know that we, as obstetricians, are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy delivery for you and your baby.

We are confident in our ability to continue taking care of our patients at NYU Langone, and know that the nursing, anesthesia and administrative staff feel the same. We have received many questions regarding the status of the hospital and the current visitor policy. Below is the most up to date information as of March 23, 2020.

  • NYU Labor and Delivery is fully functional, and physically separate from other areas of the hospital
  • NYU and the Department of Health consider one support person essential throughout labor and delivery, and the immediate postpartum period. This person can be the patient’s spouse, family member, doula, or another family member they chose.
  • This person must not have ANY symptoms of COVID19, and must not be a recent or suspected case.
  • The hospital staff will screen support persons for symptoms (including a temperature check) every 12 hours
  • The support person must stay in the patient’s room.
  • If the patient’s support person must leave, no substitutions are allowed after delivery

We are aware that this is not the birth experience, or a reality, that anyone could have imagined. However, we want all of our patients to know that we are doing everything we can to make this a safe and joyous experience for your families. As obstetricians, we have first hand knowledge that life does go on, as we continue to deliver babies despite the current pandemic. We know that you and your families will be stronger because of this. To all of our patients, their families and their future family members, know that we are here for you. Going forward, we request that you message us through the patient portal for non urgent matters, so we can leave the direct phone lines open for urgent patient care issues. Our providers are working around the clock to address all of your valid concerns. Together we will get through this.

Stay Safe,
Spring OBGYN

Concerned about Coronavirus?